Therapeutic Ring Tones [Result]

If you were wondering how crazy Japan may be for believing in therapeutic ring tones... Indeed they are!

Therapeutic Ring Tones

Japan... the land of the high-tech gadgets where cellphones are commonly used to watch TV and make payments in stores...

Its latest craze are however a little more dubious: therapeutic ring tones.

It seems everything you need is just a download away: need to cure some allergies? You got it. Need to lose weight? No problem.

So, I guess it's just a matter of time before your doctor prescribes you a ring tone download instead of drugs and medicine...

Tooth Hearing Aid [Result]

If you though that tooth hearing aid was a fake... Indeed it was...TRUE! :)

Tooth Hearing Aid

Have an hearing problem? What if I told you can now solve your problem without any bulky earpiece? In fact... how about not using an earpiece at all?

I present you... the tooth hearing aid.

Using your teeth and jaw bone to transmit sound, I don't think it will take long for someone to put a bluetooth transceiver in there and use it as a cell phone device.

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Apple iPad Teaser Trailer

Here's a teaser trailer we made showcasing what we all hope to get from Apple next wednesday: the iPad (or whatever iTablet, iSlate, iBook, JesusPad name they'll come up with.)

(Due to lack of time, I was only able to do the video in portuguese - but I included english captions, just in case. :)

VHS Digital Storage

Yesterday's news was indeed... true! :)

You can actually buy the VHS cassettes with a 2.5" hard drive inside.

VHS Digital Storage

If you don't know what to do to your aging VHS tape collection, how about using it to store your latest digital content?

In just a few minutes you can retrofit a USB port to your old cassettes and instantly expand your digital storage capability.

Access times - as you'd expect - are on the slow side, but nothing you wouldn't be willing to put up considering its extremely low cost.

When you're done, just don't forget about rewinding the tape!

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